Vie - A real passion for dancing and sharing!

Vie has a dancing and teaching experience of more then 10 years in Salsa.

She has created the jvDance Co. together with her Salsa Dance Partner "Jimmy" with whom she has traveled the world to improve their technique and style.

Vie has developed a unique styling which gives her grace and femininity added to a fluid and soft following.Vie is specialized in teaching Salsa NY Style "ON2" and is well known for her Ladies'Styling classes.

She has performed on many national and international stages with her Jimmy – her Salsa Dance Partner, but also with her Ladies'performance team: “the jvDancers”.

Besides dancing, together with jvDance Co. she organizes weekly Salsa and monthly Salsa & Kizomba events like "Jimmy's Tuesdays" - "SalsaYou Loves Sundays" - "Fuegooo" - "La KiZZZ" - "Soul'nSalsa", ... which allows her to reach a big audiance within the salsa and kizomba community.

In 2011, Vie fell in love with Kizomba, and has since then been training to improve and master the proper dancing skills! In a very short time she has developed an impressive following technique, and an elegant style!

Together with her kizomba dance partner "Ruddy" from the 'Cap Kizomba' Dance School from Paris (, she travels the world to offer high quality workshops and courses.